In this video I show how to make a Modustrial-designed DIY “Living Art” LED lamp from plywood and an LED matrix.  

The LEDs in the lamp are controlled by an Arduino Nano that creates colorful moving patterns, aka, “living art.”  However, it is also very practical for use as a desk lamp, table lamp, or bedside lamp, since an LED push button allows you to switch from the living-art mode to normal white-light modes, and a red-nightlight mode.   

I made three versions of this lamp – two out of bamboo plywood, and one out of walnut plywood.  You could use any type of plywood you like to build the lamp.

The electronics were designed to be very simple.  It can be built with NO SOLDERING.

To see the finished walnut version of the lamp, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM:  || @modustrialmaker


• 16x16 LED Matrix:
• Arduino Nano: (pre-soldered)
• Arduino Nano Screw Terminal Shield: (pre-soldered)
• 5V Momentary LED push button: OR
• JST Connectors:
• Semi-transparent white acrylic sheet:
• Female Power Jack: (no solder) || (solder)
• Lever-nut Wire Connectors:
• 5V power supply:



• My favorite solder:
• Quality Soldering Iron:
• Blue Soldering Mat:


• Tap Drill Bit (for threaded holes):
• RZ dust mask:
• Bosch 18V cordless circular saw:
• Bosch 18V cordless Drill & Impact Driver Kit:
• Dewalt Table Saw w/ 32” Rip Capacity:
• Japanese Flush Cut Hand Saw:
• Dewalt 12” Miter Saw:
• Forstner Bits:

MM-Inspired Build - Chris Gagnon's DIY Pendant Double-Ring Light

Chris Gagnon shared a video documenting the build process for a double ring light, which he indicates was inspired by Rings of Saturn light.  I think it came out pretty cool - well done Chris!

Here is what Chris said about the project: 

I wanted to put my own twist on it by using segmentation. I have always been interested in wood segmentation and the projects that you can make with it. This project is inexpensive and requires very little tools. All your friends will be so impressed when you start making things using this new skill you are gonna learn here. One thing I want you to take away from this video is that you don’t need to spend hours building a fancy jig for your table saw to do perfect segmentation projects and I am going to show you how right now. so lets get started.

And, in case you haven't seen it, check out the original video for my Rings of Saturn light.

Bluetooth Speaker Build Featured on Adafruit,, and Maker Update

The Bluetooth LED speaker build was a passion project for me, so I'm excited to see it getting some positive press.

Check out a great overview of the project on Maker Update's weekly maker news show, where it was the project of the week:


The speaker was also feature on Adafruit's blog and

Adafruit link link 


I also uploaded a full written Instructable which has more details on the project that weren't in the video.

Instructable link


Lastly, if you haven't watched the video itself yet, what are you waiting for?  It is my favorite project yet, so I hope you like it!