Making a Waterfall Countertop with LED River Inlay || DIY Concrete (GFRC) || Mancave Makeover Ep. 1

New build video is up on my YouTube channel.  This video explains how to make a one-piece DIY concrete waterfall countertop with an inlaid river of flowing LEDs that cascades over the waterfall edge (using neopixel LED strips).   

This is the first of two videos for a mancave makeover at a friend's house.  Part 2 will be uploaded within the next week, and will show how to make and install a reclaimed wood feature wall with floating LED TV panel, and the installation of the cabinets.

The countertop is made from a glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) concrete mix, which is pre-cast in a melamine form.  I made the mix from scratch (recipe links are below).  I mixed 280 lbs of the dry materials (including powdered pigment) all at once, so the color would be consistent.  I used 40 lbs for the face coat, and the remaining in batches for the back coat with glass fibers.

I used an off-the-shelf LED controller that has MUSIC REACTIVE modes, chasing modes, and solid color modes, with an RF remote, to control the WS2812 LED strips.  The LEDs are covered by a smoke grey transparent acrylic sheet, which is inlaid so it sits flush with the concrete countertop.

NEW BUILD VIDEO IS UP! DIY White Concrete (GFRC) Table with Live-Edge Maple Inlay

I just posted the build video for my white concrete table with live-edge inlay.  I really like how this project came out -- very simple and modern.  I will be updating my Modustrial Maker website with more details and plans soon.